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I'm the badass Buddha! A modern-day Buddha with 17 tattoos and long dreadlocks. For 15 years, I was lost and confused, but now, I have found my purpose: to save the planet and the people on it!


First, let's talk a bit about myself. An interesting aspect of my life is my disabilities. On October 18 2006, my whole life changed. I suffered a severe brain hemorrhage that left me at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary for five months. Afterwards, I faced a year at an intensive rehabilitation facility in a central Alberta town called Ponoka. I'm bound to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. My right side is paralyzed, and my speech is also affected. There are many things wrong with me; for example, I see only from the left eye and see very poorly.


Modern-day Buddha


For 15 years, I've been totally disconnected from the world as I don't listen to the news and radio. If you don't believe me... I don't know who the President of the United States is? Trucker? Ukraine?


The last 13 years of my life was focused on my book, which is available. To make it happen, I did not do regular grocery shopping; instead, I did my diet ( I saved so much money that I was able to have my book.


My microwave broke a year ago and had no money to replace it. I needed to be creative to eat healthily. I came up with the ultimate diet that does not require warming up my meal.


My diet evolved, and I'm now vegetarian (I try to be vegan, the only way I cheat is with products with a long list of ingredients; I can not read that small). There is not a diet that will beat my "super" diet. Completely out of the box, tested for 6 or 7 years and the solution for our planet.


It sounds extreme, but I'm an extreme kind of guy. My ADHD is most likely responsible for me wearing the same clothes and washing them every few months. I shower every day, and I never sweat in a wheelchair, so my clothes are odourless even after two months (I wear a vest with no shirt).


Because of my ADHD, I joined Buddhism to control my stress level. I have already reached enlightenment three times. I obtained it with meditation the first two times, but the effects were short live. The third time saved my life; I'm finally free of suffering! Yahoo! It got it without meditation, but my unique way of being focused!


I never give up, and that is what makes me so unique. From the beginning, I told everything to the media, but they ignored me. If I was a trouble maker, I would opt for another technique but I'm not an agitator; I'm all about making the transition as smooth as possible and in peace!


New world 


During the lockdown, I had plenty of time to reflect on global warming, waste and how we can save the planet. I don't know if people will take me seriously, but I ran the possibility in my head many times, which could totally work (if people want a change).


1) Going for my diet of vitamins and smoke meats (!


2) Many people will be unemploy in the health services and the food industries, so countries will have to retire their army to pay for EI. Instead of an army, governments will have peacekeepers. It will be totally illegal for countries to use mass destruction weapons (basically, they will only have handguns).


We need to have a single army for the entire planet. Countries will all chip in. Instead of duplicating the army [?] times (so much money wasted for nothing), we will have a single army of the earth (with all the arsenal).




I'm ready to work with the government in place. I don't care who has the power (Liberal, Conservative, NPD or Green), as long we work on the issue for real. I might be a dreamer, but the dream helped me to keep it together over the last three years.

Update 23/06/22

The other side of the story


All my life, I've been a genius; I just did not know about it. Intelligence is something not important to me. My new life started 15 years ago, abusing many pills and Methylphenidate. I've been sober for two years, and I thrive so much.


Genius: Back to the boy's scout, I was a genius but realized it a couple of weeks ago. A dozen (probably 4 dozens) examples could be found in my book.


The Superman era: I'm grateful I abused the Methylphenidate and that I stopped before it killed me. The previous 15 years have been super fast, magic and invincible. The best example is the "insane" mileage I have done with my wheelchair and my kayaking.


Superman is dead!: The Methylphenidate and the other pills are out of my system. I have a third reset in my life. I went from 1000 km to 100 km a year with my wheelchair. I'm scared/lazy to go anywhere! When I go somewhere, I'm super careful, and slow, and the obstacles seem huge! I prefer ordering at Amazon than going to the store (ok for wintertime, but this is summer). The only souvenir I have left from the Superman era is I'm ridiculously smart. So brilliant that it is a joke, but I take it with all the rejections and deceptions in the past 15 years. Any other human being would commit suicide or be sick mentally.


The future:

I did not think my book was taboo until you rejected me from the Festival. This is unfair to someone who deserves it, the system is responsible for 100%. This is not my problem and will not patch up their mistake. They should assume their responsibility and get that massive load off my shoulder. I'm not pissed off at the system but I don't have them, particularly in my heart.

Badass Buddha wants to apologize

I'm the badass Buddha, and I have a message for everybody. First, I'll put you in context. I'm a wounded badass Buddha; I'm disabled, in a wheelchair, hemiplegic right, blind from my right eye and see very poorly from the left and have a substantial speech disability.

For 15 years, I've been totally disconnected from the world as I don't listen to the news and radio. If you don't believe me... I don't know who the President of the United States is?

I wrote a book in my new life, and this is the book that proposes a real solution for saving the planet and putting war in history books.  

I never considered my book taboo. I was excited when it came out, a little more than a year ago. I thought that I would be considered like a hero, proposing a new way of living, not like a troublemaker and agitator.

I started to consider it taboo only two months ago when I got rejected for the second time at a book festival. The rejection wasn't adding up as I was confident of winning with ease.

I apologize for writing such a controversial book. It is not the last time you will hear from the Badass Buddha!

In gassho, the badass Buddha

Facebook post on July 11th, 2022

LIFE IS GOOD! I needed something positive in 15 years. The New Zealand Film & Book Festival gave me that opportunity. I was a mean Badass Buddha who wanted to prove something and now, I'm a happy Badass Buddha who really doesn't care. I'm in the clouds right now! My attitude did a 180 turnaround. I sold between 2000 and 3000 books last week (I'm a big dreamer, and I don't quite understand why I'm still poor! Book sold=0). I always said that the Stampede and cowboys were lame, I was the one lame because the Stampede is a ton of fun! Now on, I will stop feeling sorry for myself and enjoy life to the max! I'm going back tonight for Alexisonfire (I'm badass, after all!).

Facebook post on July 12th, 2022

I got the adrenaline shot I was looking for! I'm weird but so badass. I went to the Stampede at the show of ALEXISONFIRE! We were at 5 meters from Hell! On my right, was the dying mush pit but still pretty violent and on my left was safety. My wheelchair was moving at times, but I knew they could not tip it because people were so close to each other. Seeing me so close to the front of the stage and Hell was impressive! My friend Jon impresses me the most; he follows me everywhere in my crazy adventure. Good thing I have a "hollysh_t handle" on the back of my wheelchair for him to "hold for life"! People are better to believe me went I say I'm badass. If I say something, I tell the truth! Never bullsh_t!


I'm the badass Buddha! A modern-day Buddha with 18 tattoos, long dreadlocks and a wheelchair. For 15 years, I was lost and confused, but now, I have found my purpose: to save the planet and the people on it!


I was on an extended lockdown because of my disabilities, which lasted almost three years. I never watched TV, except for survival shows.

People may think the Badass Buddha is a joke, but it is not. I'm maybe smart in a survival situation, but otherwise, I'm pretty dumb.


To prove me right:

- I don't use a microwave or stove for more than a year.

- I don't use a refrigerator for a couple of months.

- My last cleanup was ten months ago, and my apartment is still pretty clean.

- I don't take any medication for two or three years (20 pills before)

- And way, way +++!

See my website to see how serious I am ( ).

We need to do something for our planet. I think "shit will hit the fan in less than 1000 years". It will be a shame for the human species if we all die because we don't care for the environment.

I'm not an enemy of the system; I'm an ally! Einstein's Parable of Quantum Insanity is "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.". The system taught me to be able to give up. I will give up if people don't want a change, but I think we must act. We are still fine for couple hundred years, and I won't have a chance to see the end of the world; Do I still care? Of course but I don't want to create new enemies.

Think about it, visit my website and if people need my expertise, they shall ask; otherwise, I will still live life to the fullest.

Update 10/07/23

I feel like a completely new person since my trip to London, Ontario. I have taken on two new programs that keep me busy. I now, have something going on every day, seven days a week. I no longer rely on the media to be happy in life. The COVID-19 lockdown was the toughest experience of my life, but now I am easygoing again as long as I stay busy. I focus on my busy schedule, and my fame will come when the right moment presents itself.

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