We are out of control! Markets are filled with process foods and the basket is way +++ to expensive. These days, you need to be rich to eat healthy. It doesn't need to be that way; I ate a variation of the diet for 6 years and I did not have money to buy milk! I invested in vitamins instead and I have the most healthy diet out there + environmental friendly.

Diet think outside of the box:

- 11 essential vitamins (list) in the morning with typical breakfast.


- Smoke meats for lunch and dinner: Fish, duck, beef, deer...(smoked meats doesn't need to be warm up so insane amount of energy saving especially at dinner time.

- Milk, cheese, bread... basically, no processed food.

- Vegetables? Yes but raw!

- Fruits? Yes, dry or fresh!



- By far the best diet.
- Avoid viruses and sickness by being healthy.
- Cooking and washing a huge amount of dishes are things of the past.
- Save $$$ for the basket.
- No waist (only essential items to a healthy lifestyle are bought)
- Athletes and people on a diet for losing weight are set for success, they can easily supplement their intake of food with Boost, Ensure or equivalent. Athletes get a diet on steroids and the overweight population can go as hardcore as they want without jeopardizing their health.

The following menu is just an example. You probably need more food as an able body. If you carry the same concept, everybody can reduce their waste and energy consumption. This is my menu that inspires it all, now, that I have money, I'm eating a more balanced diet. Bottom line, if you can buy vitamins (protein drink is a bonus); you're all set! To make an even better diet, you want to incorporate products like milk and cheese to balance it out without food process products.

- 11 essential vitamins
- Two waffles with syrup
Green tea
Five tbs of trail mix 

- 600 ml of flavoured water (water with few drops of lime juice)
Cliff bar5-8 pieces of low sugar or organic dry mango 

Frozen meal from Meals on Wheels
500 to 750 ml of flavoured water
Update May 10th, 2021: My digestive system is worst than I thought! After 5 or 6 years, I can't have my Meal on Wheel; it gave me digestive issues.
OnKeto is providing me with "gourmet" bagels and sandwiches.

Snack:Up to half a cup of banana chips.

Proof and facts:

Think outside the box! reviseArtist Name
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