This menu is just an example. You probably need more food as an able body. If you carry the same concept, everybody can reduce their waste.


11 essential vitamins (list)

Two waffles with syrup
Green tea
Five tbs of trail mix



600 ml of flavoured water (water with few drops of lime juice)
Cliff bar
5-8 pieces of low sugar or organic dry mango



Frozen meal from Meals on Wheels
500 to 750 ml of flavoured water
Update May 10th, 2021: My digestive system is worst than I thought! After 5 or 6 years, I can't have my Meal on Wheel; it gave me digestive issues. OnKeto is providing me with "gourmet" bagels and sandwiches.

Up to half a cup of banana chips.


Proof and facts:

Think outside the box! reviseArtist Name
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