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Toward zero garbage:
-Buy big quantities of trail mixte, dry mango and snack (44 pounds, transfer into reusable containers, from

-Buy big quantities of Cliff bars (my main course for lunch). - old

-Buy Meal on Wheels for dinner. - old

-Drink only water with lemon's juice drop and use the same bottle for 3 years.

-No cooking, no energy wasted. Almost no dishes and less energy wasted.

-No energy wasted for pick up grocery (all delivered). - old

-Use "Natural" and "Flushable" cat's litter. Goes in the toilet and not at the landfill.

-Produce 28 litres of garbage in 44 days. Change my garbage after 44 days, there is no organic product in my garbage so it is odourless.

-Save money for my lifestyle.

-Emergency lockdown proved. I went only once to the grocery store to get waffles in three months. Everything else is delivered! - old
-Poverty could be eliminated if everybody has access to vitamins.

-Buy a big box of toilet paper. It lasts me two years and the best of all, doesn't contain useless plastic packaging.

-Recycle way, way more than I produce waste.

-Waste is mostly composed of unrecyclable wrappers. I don't have a solution for everything.

-Update: Since I have sandwiches and bagels for dinner, I eliminated the need of warming my food and do not need to wash the dishes. - old


***Everybody can take action to save earth!***

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