• Remy Bernier

Yes, I smell a peaceful revolution!

Updated: Feb 19

I know what is going on with my health. Medically trained people might be skeptical, but I don't need any Doctors on my case to know what is going on. Actually, it is way easier as it sound.

Yes, I'm smart, but I was always bright. I'm super smart because of the Methylphenidate. I'm super intelligent way before I started to take cannabis.

I take THC oil (10:10) to sleep; otherwise is not possible. I take a way more significant dose than average because if I'm not super stone ++, I can't sleep. I tried Zopiclone, and for a good night, I need to take three pills (one every 3 hours). Forget about it; I'm way, way better with cannabis.

I take 1.5 ml of 1:20 (CBD oil). It turned out my vitamins don't give you a superpower (at least, it is under control). Why did I stop taking my Dantrium? It was the only pill left after curing everything else with my vitamins. I take this oil because it helps my nystagmus (I did not have a nystagmus problem initially, but then, much so (thanks Methylphenidate)). Let's go with the description of Dantrium: "This medication is used to treat muscle tightness and cramping (spasms) caused by certain nerve disorders such as spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis." The CBD oil is upstanding for the eyes, but it is working great for all the body's spasms. It is also a super-efficient way to hide the "hangover headache" from the THC. In fact, I feel normal with the plant but was struggling with a terrible headache with 0.6 ml of 10:10 when I tried without CBD oil.

For the one thinking I was taking way too much cannabis? Well, I like to point out that I'm taking cannabis oils for two different reasons, and the scar is present for many years before I started to consume marijuana oils. I'm not superman; it is a pure hazard that my last pill was cure with CBD oil. I found an alternative to Dantrium that the world is unaware existed.

At the beginning of the men's revolution, vitamins did not exist. We fool the creator by inventing vitamins. If vitamins were present from birth, The world as is, would be really different. So, we outsmart Mother Nature with that superfood; technology is way more advanced than we all think. I believe we can all be superhuman. It is hard to change people's beliefs, they can do what they want, but I know what I'm doing.

That's why I cured a deadly lung infection in 3 days, and I recovered from COVID-19 in only 12 hours. I'm not superman at all; I tricked Mother Nature! You can say that I'm crazy, I'm not "cou-cou," but the whole world is ignorant. Not convinced? I don't really care, as long I can live my life to the fullest.

I can't wait any longer to have my book publish! I'm not the crazy one; you're so wrong to believe it is not possible!

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