• Remy Bernier

Who is crazier?

I think everyone is crazy because I was classified as crazy! If I'm crazy, how can you explain my "superpower"?

1) I'm eating only beef jerky and drink Boost. I have low body fat (rare for someone in a wheelchair). I burned the fat without following a diet!

2) With my 12 vitamins in the morning and my eating habit, I'm so, so, so healthy. The next more nutritious diet doesn't even compare to mine.

3) Pills are not needed, I don't take any more pills, and I had a significant stroke.

4) COVID-19 is affecting 50% of the population unhealthy. I'm exempt because I was COVID-19 sick only for 12 hours. The last time a flue put me down was more than six years ago. I guess people like too much their Big Mac so if that what makes you happy, then live with the consequence!

5) Those are the most significant facts, way, way more advantages to following the diet.

Would I be like everyone else? Not a chance! So before saying that someone is crazy and insult him, look back at yourself. I'm a lone wolf, and I don't care what people are doing as long I can do what I want!

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