• Remy Bernier

The game is over!

I'm so, so sorry! The pandemic is the result of that! To me, it was just a game between the system and me. I had a major +++ motivation for the system to look bad. Life is busy again after 16 months. I have only one day free this week, and this is Sunday! I went from dead to busy! I started to realize last week after I reached out for help at the Alberta Colledge of Family Physicians, and their answer was to keep it quiet because if not, they will sue me for criminal harassment! I realized for the first time that it might not be funny anymore.

Everything in my book is so true but wishing to change the world my way is dreaming! I don't expect anybody to follow my example. I'm probably the most focus human being, and my diet is only suitable for me! It's is the only possible way to live alone for a very disabled guy!

I'm a lone wolf, and I really don't care what people are doing as long I never hear again that I'm crazy! I'm busy again, and that is the most important thing ever! I wish I will never be force to be at home ever again. I turned the page, and now I look forward!

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