• Remy Bernier

Same as putting us in jail!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

My last programmes for the disabled were back in March 2020. I had nothing going on since. Going to jail would be almost the same.

As far I know, not everybody has been on lockdown for so, so long. No art and hockey for almost a year. Is it the government or the people running those activities to decide what is best for us? I cannot blame the government for that. Rocky Mountain Adaptive are dealing with the same clientele and are running full time since July.

Indefinite Arts have been running with reduce clientele but are not open at all for two months, and I don't see their operation going to be available again for a while. Hockey is cancelled until maybe next year. I know that CADS (Calgary Association of Disabled Skiing) are not running their programme as well.

I dare anyone to stay at home for a year and not go crazy? It is actually doing more worst than good to keep us apart. I don't know what they are thinking?

First of all, it is pretty safe to say that our population is already isolated from the rest of the world forever. Disabled, we go to our programme and then home. The chances of someone bringing the virus are almost inexistent.

Why make it such a war zone that it is scaring people away? If they understood how the virus is transmitted, they would not wear a mask and a shield! The mask alone is good enough. The shield is perfect for guys like me who can not wear the mask properly. I'm so frustrated with what they did to my favourite place. I can tell they are spending lots of money, and it is not even appropriate for the clientele because we are stuck at home and would never see what they did anyway!

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