• Remy Bernier

Remy for president?

Updated: Jan 10

Tempting, but no thank you, I will get slaughter out there. Be thrown in a river full of crocodiles would be the same. I prefer to give my ideas to the Green Party and leave all the rest up to them. Anyway, I have a way bigger ambition than be famous and influential.

Let's get the game really serious. I dare Prime Minister Trudeau to come up with a better environmental idea? I like to point out that my vision worked, tested, and the concept of vitamins is legit. It is not from me but Pure North. They researched it and came out with that list of vitamins. After all, I took the concept of the homeless and expending it to everybody.

Being Superman is not tested yet. That is why I did not include it anywhere. It is a fact, or I'm a real chemical mutant? I'm not convinced that I'm unique, so it must be accurate, but I'm not focusing on that. I knew my way was effective from the start of the pandemic; it is on the system to not listening to me. As far as I know, the world would still be a safe place, but you chose the self-destructing way. I have many incertitudes that need to be answer. I reach out to the system to fill the gaps. Challenging the Prime Minister is the only way I will get the attention I deserve, and I will get my answer fast.

I remind you that I had enough to be lockdown and sure the population feels the same. You have the vaccine, that is a good start, but it is just tricking the immune system. What I propose is a permanent solution that works with all kinds of viruses, not only COVID-19.

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