• Remy Bernier

No need for vaccine!

More than two months, and I still wait for the first comment about my book! Maybe, I will be waiting a long time because people don't know what to say. I will give out what so controversial without giving out the story, anyway, 350 pages of weird stuff that no one could guess. First of all, I did not land the most lucrative (I think) contract by luck. People can believe what they want, but my book is 100% true. WHAT IS SO CONTROVERSIAL IS I HAVE A CURE FOR COVID-19! I had COVID and was sick for only 24 hours. Yes, relatively simple that the system ignored my solution from the beginning of this enormous game of chicken with no head.

To spice up life, I play an ongoing survival game since I had my stroke 14 years ago. I'm a health freak; an example of that I did not have drink anything else for three years except water and tea.

That is the best game ever, but I'm not sure if Trudeau and companies think it is funny. With the lockdown, I'm so, so bored! My game is becoming another level of engagement. I sleep with a deerskin and there is something unreal happening with my food. Another very controversial story (perhaps more controversial than COVID-19) that I'm not saying.

If I pick your curiosity and you want to read it, pick a dealer in the list (there is more than 20):

I don't have a superpower; I'm just a disabled who tries to simplify life to the extreme and found a better alternative way of living!

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