• Remy Bernier

New beginning!

YAHOO!!!! My book is real and here for my rescue! Nobody can take it away, so I will, finally, speak up! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Everybody is so close-minded that you classified me as CRAZY! If someone does things differently from his neighbour, that does not make him crazy, so why is it different for me? You rejected me, I went to the hospital, you locked me down in the psychiatric unit for 18 days, and held me prisoner like if I murdered someone. I'm alone for two years, and the list goes on...

If I'm crazy, why the whole world needs to wear a "stupid" mask when I don't? My lifestyle is so unique that I have a way of fighting the virus, and it is working; I had COVID for one day only! I tell you, my lung infection was way, way more harsh! I knew it from the beginning, but the media and doctors did not do anything about it. Why? Maybe because I'm in a wheelchair! We are far, far, far from an equal world for everybody! Us in a wheelchair; we are considered only as a minor species of humans! They decided to keep me because they couldn't understand what I was saying. I have a speech disability. I told my Doctor at the beginning of this mess. He might have this on his conscience because he has only one thing to say to me: "relax your brain!". My Naturopath was speechless and did nothing about it!

I'm locked down for more than a year, and everybody is so scared of the virus, but I have enough, and I'm not afraid! The medical system is plugged in because people like too much their fast food!

Hard to convince you with 250 words when it took me an entire book of 55 000 words! Make it for the most controversial book ever written, available @

Now, I'm done fighting; I'm exhausted! I don't want to carry this anger in my new life. That rebellious attitude is only to expose the truth and do anything for my book. The book is out, and there is nothing to do except waiting! From now on, I will only post positive thoughts!

My redemption has begun... 😶

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