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Diet think outside the box

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Diet: Think outside the box!

Weight management for a power wheelchair user and people who want to lose weight.

It's about time someone writes on weight management for someone in a power wheelchair, and proposes a diet that works. I haven’t had any extra fat for five years.

First of all, when I moved out of the group home to live on my own, I needed to lose all that extra weight, which was about 40 pounds. I lost 43 pounds in the first two months. Interested in how this happened?

I moved to the Mustard Seed, a low-income facility with mostly people who come from a homeless background and with disabilities. They gave us super active vitamins; it did not matter what you ate to be healthy. I'm not at the Mustard Seed anymore, but I buy precisely the same vitamins. For five years, I had nothing more than juice, Cliff bar and dry mango for lunch. I kept my weight of 143 pounds with no fluctuation for five years. I had a typical breakfast and a frozen meal from Meals On Wheels for dinner.

Here is the reality for a wheelchair user: We need about 900 calories to have a steady weight. Why are there only a few slim people in a a power wheelchair? If they live in a group home or institute, their diet is based on 2000 calories, which is what

an able body needs. I had many caregivers in the seven years I was in a group home. I can tell you right away; they are unaware of the unique needs of someone in a wheelchair when it comes to food. They have a bunch of training, but few understand the importance of diet. They cook according to their knowledge, which is cooking on an intake of 2000 calories. Also, they pity us, so they give us a super portion thinking that will be good for us. So if you are in a group home, you are most likely getting fat like I was.

The only population that seems to have escaped this reality are the ones who are tube-fed. I have never seen a fat tube-fed person. What do they eat? A super healthy formula call Ensure. As far I know, they seem pretty healthy. I was tube fed for two months, and I never lacked nutrition or felt undernourished. It must be good stuff if they give you that at the hospital.

I was so broke at one time that I decided, for two months try my theory. Indeed, I did not have real food for two months. I felt wonderful. I did not experience any loss of energy. I stopped after 2 months because I'm not stupid enough to jeopardize my health based on a theory without scientific fact. Around the same time, the pill Ranitidine went under recall, so I decided to stop taking antacid pills since I'm barely taking any pills (I was on it for 6 years). Then I started to experience bad gastric acid reflux. I thought that my diet was terrible, so I stopped after two months. With real food, the acid was insane, so I contacted my doctor to give me a new pill. I tried the new tablet once, and I reacted badly to the medicine. I requested another pill, and finally, I had a breakthrough.

I was taking 12 billion probiotics for 5 years. The combination of the Ranitidine and probiotic seems to do the trick, but the probiotics alone was way under what I needed. After a week on the pill recommended by my doctor, I ventured to the drug store, and got myself two months of insane probiotics 60 billion cells. Turns out, I don't need the useless pill recommended by my doctor. I need simply to take potent probiotics every day because the Methylphenidate killed most of the enzymes in my stomach, so there’s another reason to be pissed off at that pill.

Everybody that I spoke about my diet categorized me as crazy. Even if I believed in the theory, I stopped because I'm tired of people thinking that I'm insane when I'm really not. I just see the world from another perspective, but other than this, I'm not any different than you. I personally consider cooking, washing dishes and going to the grocery store a waste of time. What may take 2 minutes for an able body, could take me half hour. I have many challenge with my handicap; living alone, I took some of the challenges away.

By societal standards, it is not normal to have so many severe disabilities and live alone. That said; I would never trade places with anyone, including able bodies. I don't have to work, cook, grocery shopping, clean and laundry (cleaner do all that fun stuff). I have all that spare time to play and enjoying life. And who said healthy is more expensive? I lost count, and I don't want to figure it, but I save somewhere between a quarter and half and more than 75% on Ensure.

The diet is super simple, and I bet it is the healthiest. I approach two dietitians to write something, but they were speechless. I bet it’s because I completely destroyed their believes and profession. By the way, I'm not here to judge what is legit and what is not; I will leave that to you to draw your own conclusions. First off: be ready to take a lot of capsules in the morning. I'm used to it because I use to take 20 pills a day, now zero. Why? I don't know; maybe I'm healthier? You need to take the following every day. Two of Multi, two of 1000 mg of vitamin C, one of 1000 mg of Omega 3, one of 100 mcg of K2, one of 500 mg of Magnesium, one of 6 to 12 billion cells of probiotic, one of 1000 mcg of B12, seven drops of D3 and one of 650 mg of Calcium. If you take all those essential vitamins, now you can eat

whatever you want to be healthy. Try to figure out what works for you.

Having my meals for dinner delivered, I never need to go to the grocery store more than once every couple of months. To give you an example, I will describe my diet:


Two waffles with syrup

Green tea

Five tbs of trail mix


600 ml of flavoured water (water with few drops of lime juice or juice from concentrate)

Cliff bar

5-8 pieces of low sugar dry mango


Frozen meal from Meals on Wheels

500 to 750 ml of flavoured water


Up to half a cup of organic banana chip

That diet is working for me. I even put on some weight, but I don't care as long I'm below 155 lbs. All my mango, trail mix and banana chips are coming from I buy in large quantities, so I get food for six months to one year. I get my Cliff bars delivered to me for free at I need to go to the grocery store every three months or so to get waffles.

A couple of years ago, I was walloped by a sickness. I suffered three days of fever, and I had a hard time breathing. By day four, I was full of energy and my illness was behind me. I started to expel a massive amount of green mucus from my lungs. By large, a mean 1 to 1.5 litres. I recovered from a significant lung infection in three days without a doctor and drug. People die from this stuff! But I walked away after three days. I visited Jacynthe went she had a very nasty sinus infection. I think she struggled for one month. Of course, I caught the virus. I was down for one day with a fever and the next day, I felt like nothing as happen.

Recently, I woke up with a terrible eye infection five times. I could barely open my eye, it was watery, and my nose was plugged. By lunch, it was way better but not completely healed. The following day, it was like nothing had happened at all. My prescription glasses are pretty much the same since I started taking my vitamins five years ago. And I use my eyes much more these days, reading my books and continuously writing. The period before the vitamins, I was changing glasses like everybody else without putting my eye to the real

stress of writing. Sometimes, the page is all out of focus that I can't see my 18-size print, but I keep going at it, and my vision does not suffer. Last time I had a cold that lasted more than one day was probably more than five years ago. I tell you; this is not a joke. Every sickness lasted one day except for my bad lung infection that lasted three days. I'm not any different than you. If you want to judge me and you are not convinced of my story, I say to you: Do your research and leave me alone.

The hospitals are filled with sick patients that do not need medical attention. If more people were doing what I'm doing, hospitals and doctor offices would be almost vacant. You can go with my diet or be hospitalized for every small bug. It doesn't matter because I made my choice. I’d rather stay as far as possible from the hospital. The only good thing they did to me is saving my life with my stroke, everything else was bullshit.

If it were not for my vitamins, I would probably be very sick mentally, or even worse, be dead. I'm a victim of a significant medical fuck up, and I consider myself very lucky that I caught it without much grief. There is only one thing that is a mystery; how have I become so smart? It does not bother me; in fact, I don't care as long people give me what I deserve.

Every single person told me that what I was doing wasn't right for my health. That if I want to be healthy, I'm better having my vitamins with food than with tablets. Easy to say but totally impossible for me. Keep in mind that I have no money even to buy milk. I'm buying my vitamin only this year. The four years prior, they were totally free for someone poor like me, with supplies from Pure North. With my vitamins, I was so healthy that I dodged a real mental illness at best, death at worse.

I get judged for every action I take. Instead of looking at what others do, it’s better stay focus at yourself and let others live their life the way they want. Anyway, I believe everyone is doing their best with their life (most people anyway). I had a psychologist therapist that I went only once because obviously, he would try to change me for the worse. I have high hopes with this book that people will understand and give me a break.

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