• Remy Bernier

Looking for a fresh start!

12 years I'm bored! Nothing excites me in that dull life! I've done all that a disabled can do and even more with kayaking, skydiving, climbing...! I started to write my memoir 12 years ago. It took me 8 years full time (about 6 hours a day, 365 days a year (most days anyway)) with one finger! I knew that if I want to change my situation, it would be with my writing. During the last 12 years, I kept it quiet and absorbed every rejection.

For 12 years, I've been dreaming of my big comeback at Banff Film & Book Festival. The time has come, and this year, it's my redemption. My book is in, my movie Adapt was disqualified because is to old and I'm trying to get my art there! October 30th will start a new life, and I never wish again to write a book!

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