• Remy Bernier

Less than a vegetable!

Did you see the movie Crank? Story of a guy that needs a constant boost of adrenaline to stay alive? Sometimes fiction meets reality, that it is totally me. No joke, when it is relaxed around me, as this week (01/24/21), I become a real vegetable. It was so bad that I could not recall my name. I even passed out twice.

One instance, I was so tired that I could not figured out how to shut down my computer screen for a half-hour. I went to bed with my screen on. In the morning, I saw the big red button on my remote. That example was about nine years ago. Before I went out my load of pills, I passed out twice. In one of those occurrences, I was out for 4 hours.

That is why I listened to "Punk music" when I play chess online. The more I get incapacitated, the higher is the volume to keep me functional.

I have no idea what the guilty chemical is, but it got worse with Lyrica, a similar drug as Gabapentin.

Close to 2 years it took to get the drug of my system. I lost hope that one day, I would not need to speed me up with Punk music.

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