• Remy Bernier

It's just a game between the system and me!

I need to clarify something! First of all: I'm perfectly normal. I'm a very positive guy, and I'm impressed by all the things the human did. I'M PROUD TO BE HUMAN!

I strived for so many years because I was doing my own thing. I end up at the Emergency for a specific reason, and they ignored my request and locked me down for 18 days in the psychiatric unit, where I was handle worst than a dog! They put me in an environment not adapted at all; they made me prisoner where it was working for them, not for me, and it was my problem to function. I had bedsores, I told them, but they did not care! They did not give a s@#$, but my problems followed me for two more years! Not a pleasant stay when people tag you as dangerous!

I came out, and the media boycotted me. I tried to sue the hospital, but no lawyers were interested in my case.

The politic is even worse; they did not consider my solution for COVID-19.

All four; health, media, justice and politic has a big target on their back since my stay. Before, I did not care about those things, so they weren't on my radar.

Life is so, so +++ boring hemiplegic! Nothing interested me! I did skydiving but did not find it interesting. I kayak a class III rapid, and that was, by far, the best day of my life but other people saw it as a death wish. I rappeled down a 30 storey building and more... I found that extreme sports are what is driving me.

With 16 months stuck at home, I have a terrible time because I'm not too fond of washing TV with all the COVID bullshit. I listen to music, but this is a long, long time listening to music. To keep me alive, I made the system my b#$%@. I want to make them sweat a little bit. It's no more than a game to me, but they feel not amused by it. I'm the wrong bear to mess with!

I'm looking to change my life with my book:

I'm normal, just different from the mass, and there is nothing to be scared about. I want some feedback; I did not get some yet because everybody is scared by the end. Even my publisher skip the second section as he gave my green light!

By the way, I have less fat than an athlete. I weigh 129 pounds (IN YOUR FACE, EVERYBODY!).

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