• Remy Bernier

It is the worst case of miscommunication ever made! 😞

Still on pre-sale, and the book is doing great! I'm on the first page of the latest releases of Olympia Books. Get, like many people already, and get on the bandwagon and get my book today! My book is unique; I think there is no other book like it on the market. I'm a victim of the worse case ever of miscommunication ever made. I have been treated worse than a dog! I was taking a pill for my stroke that was a potent stimulant; I could not sleep. I went to the Emergency, and I tried to explain but mist somewhere in communication; they hold me back for 18 days with the tag of murder in the Psychiatric unit. I could go out only 1 hour a day. They tried to drug me, but I refused to take any pills. I was stuck with my power wheelchair and got some bed soars because I could not use my manual wheelchair. They let me go after 18 days because they had no clue what is wrong with me, and the best, they didn't do anything to help me sleep. Since that day, everybody that knows about my stay, take me for crazy! This is not a life, my book got so many roadblocks, the media won't talk about me, and everybody tries to avoid talking about my book. I'm quiet, but I rage inside; my redemption has started!

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