• Remy Bernier

I'm not a mutant!

Updated: Feb 18

Oof, I was worry that I'm the only one who's got a superpower! It turned out; I found three more with a inoperable AVM on Facebook. Those are the ones on Facebook, probably thousands of people around the planet. So I don't need the system to answer my questions; they don't know what they are talking about anyway. The trick is mostly the same for everybody, being healthy. My environmental idea definitely qualifies in that category. Now, I have no doubt it is working; all those years of people saying that I am crazy now won't make that fact a reality anymore. A huge +++ load off my back! Is it working for everybody or just inoperable AVM? The fact that we all have different nature of injury make me believe it is working for everybody. All the time I heard saying that I'm crazy, now I can shout at them: " They are all crazy". We live in a world of pharmaceuticals and Doctors are the gods. A guy full of handicaps is proving we are in a world full of lies!

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