• Remy Bernier

I'm controversial, and it is shocking!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Men, I tell you, why the world is so tight? There is a problem with my writing or the rest of the world is too serious for me?

I'm on lockdown for eight weeks; I always thought that it would end badly, and it did. I have my share to be punished, but not in that extreme way.

First, I took a pill that prevented me from having an erection for ten years. I'm off the medication (like every single one), and now, I get huge spikes of hormones. Everything was expected the first six weeks, but it got messed up after. More or less, I saw only my cleaner during those eight weeks. That is all it took to make things so complicated. Out of nowhere, I started to have a real crush on my cleaner. I wrote her, which sounds like a sexual predator and a big pervert, to me very casual writing.

I'm from Quebec and still not fluent in English. I write very controversial stuff, use a lot of slang, and there is nothing too taboo to not write about it. Basically, I scared my cleaner away, and the company is kicking me out. They try to make me believe that I'm a bad person, it almost worked. I'm guilty of poaching my cleaner, but I refuse to wear the hat of a sexual predator. Mopify should have check this blog but they didn't. Another good example of controversy I put myself in. It was clear that they would kick me out no matter what I could show to them for my defence. Of course, no one is prepared to fight like I was. So, so unfair, and I lost my cleaner forever. Other cleaning services are way more expensive, but I don't care because my book is coming out, and I expect a significant financial break.

I'm the only one to see it that way; my writing may be controversial, but not from a sick mind. Like my stay at the psychiatric unit, I told the Doctor that I didn't sleep in one month. He thought that I was wandering around when I was trying to sleep.

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