• Remy Bernier

High and music! A good mix.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I'm working on the music track of the second Never give up movie. I realized that my good music taste comes from listening to the track completely stone. The beats are fantastic, but it becomes so much better under the influence.

I give you what I have done so far, the music track minus my personal touch for the generic. I tell you, my track is the shit wholly wasted. I take cannabis only for sleeping purposes. Just download it on amazon, get stone in bed and listen to the music. If you don't make a good trip, you will never do.

I really don't care about giving out the content of my track. I will be rich anyway with the first movie. Everything else is a bonus; I don't need to be "a cheap bastard who always wants more money."

Please, download the track on Amazon ( Don't try to "pirate" your way. That is why I don't give out the list. I was all about "pirating," but I stopped utterly five years ago. I lost all my files when my computer crashed. I've been a good boy since!

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