• Remy Bernier

Are you supposed to get better at the hospital?

I came to the hospital without a mental illness. I left the psychiatric unit with a significant mental illness. I stopped my Methylphenidate one week before I was admitted to the hospital. I was admitted because I could not sleep (Methylphenidate is a potent stimulant). My sleeping did not get worse; my smart pill wasn't there anymore to keep me awake, so I crashed after a week. Because of my problem's nature, they locked me down for 18 days with the tag of potential murder. Of course, they did not find a problem and recommended a pill for my mood but I refused to take it. After my discharge, the Doctor recommended that I take back my Methylphenidate because it is supposed to be good for me. I left the hospital with a very dark image of the system and not trusting anyone, especially Doctors.

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