• Remy Bernier

Cannabis oil for public spaces!

Updated: Feb 2

There is nothing more annoying than be at a concert and have someone nearby smoking weed! Sorry folks, to brake your fun, but this behaviour needs to stop.

You can smoke your brain out at home, but it is a "no, no" in public spaces. Saying this, I'm all about cannabis oil when you are in public. So, next time you go to a concert or movie, instead of wasting your neighbour's experience, why not using cannabis oil so you can still enjoy your trip and always respect your neighbour.

The fine for smoking weed in public would be very steep, so instead of trying to brake the law, buy yourself some oil. The cost is not a good reason to not comply; I'm probably the best example that it is expensive but not that much when you need it. You can get some capsules filled with oil. It is on the pricy side, but if my trick is a go, the price will go down with increasing demand. Right now, there is so little demand for the product that the price is insane.

Just be smart about it. It doesn't kick in for an hour and a quarter to half. Once you start feeling the effect, I hope you were conscious enough to be more than a vegetable.

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