• Remy Bernier

Alex Honnold's secret!

I know exactly what Alex Honnold's secret! First of all, I did not want to make this public before I talked to him, but it is impossible to reach him (or I am not important enough). He has the same condition as me; we are both ADD but got never diagnosed. We are both very unique! We have a "superpower" that makes us to be in the zone, we are invincible when we are in the zone. Lately, I've been striving in brain works but I did also pretty amazing stuff in my past life. I have done Denali (McKinley) solo in the spring (alone on the mountain) and at 20 years old! I did my climbing screening for my certification (5.11 on trad), and I did not climb anything harder than 5.9 and had a dozen climbs where I put my gear.

Alex is in the zone when he is soloing! We are not alone; in fact, all Olympic athletes and professional climbers are the same. The less lucky were prescribed Ritalin, and there is us who flew under the radar. It is a gift to be ADD, Doctors should stop prescribing Ritalin to kids who has extra energy. Parents should put their kids doing a sport to burn extra energy. Alex grew up fine, I grew up fine, no need for pills!

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